Customer Tip: Treat Your Tower With Respect

If I were to tell you about the number of times people have come to me and complained about a tow truck experience, I would be a rich man. It is an all too common complaint. Customers will criticize every aspect of their towing experience. But they do not realize that many of those issues could be resolved in a simple way: by exhibiting more politeness!

Treating Tow Truck Drivers With Respect

Being in a situation where you have to call a tow truck is not easy. No one wants to be standing on the side of the road, waiting for a tow. Your car broke down on the way to work, home or during a road trip. Or you got into an accident.

It is a frustrating moment, because it caused you delays and means you have to spend money on the tow and subsequent car repairs. But none of those issues are the fault of your tow truck driver.

If you are talking back to your driver, getting angry if they show up a few minutes late, or being generally combative, you can bet you will have a worse towing experience. Drivers are human beings. If their first interaction with you is unpleasant, you can bet they will be in a worse mood too.

A Kind Word Goes a Long Way

All it takes is some simple kindness. Smile when you greet your tow truck driver and calmly explain what happened. They will get the process of towing your car underway immediately. And they will give you a ride where you want to go. The whole transaction can go very smoothly.

Having to get towed is not fun and I do not wish it on anyone. But when you are in that situation, do not put the blame on the wrong person. Treat your tow truck driver with respect. I promise that it will result in a much better experience from then until you get home!