Distracted By Technology While Driving a Tow Truck

Being a tow truck driver is not an easy job. Not only do you have to navigate through traffic on busy highways and city roads, but you are also driving a massive tow truck. It is why accidents involving tow trucks are not uncommon. But reports suggest the problem is getting worse. And it may be due to technology!

Distracted While Driving

Drivers being distracted while they are behind the wheel is nothing new. And technology has not helped matters. Seeing people on their phone while behind the wheel is an all too common sight.

While some will refrain and only use their phones when at a red light, others are not so careful. They will be texting and staring at their screen while going at 30 miles per hour on the road. That is what leads to so many accidents these days!

Tow Truck Drivers and Accidents

Recent reports from around Canada have suggested that tow truck accidents are on the rise. And the issue is an interesting one. Many drivers were reportedly fiddling around with a piece of tech they are asked to use by the tow truck company when the accident happened.

Perhaps they were trying to use the map on their digital device to get to the next destination. Or maybe they were responding to a call to reach a customer or processing an online payment. But in all these instances, the common issue was the distraction by technology.

Better Training is Required

While it is imperative for tow truck companies to continue embracing technology, they do have some work to do with their drivers. It may be time for tow truck companies around Canada to give their drivers better training regarding the use of such tech.

It is not enough to show drivers how such tech is operated. That is a simple exercise that only takes a few minutes, in most cases. What is required is more extensive training about how to use this tech safely when they are behind the wheel of a tow truck!

Drivers must be educated on how to use the tech when they are driving on the road, not stopped on the side of the road or at a red light.

Only then can tow truck companies ensure that accidents involving their drivers and tow trucks are reduced. Training does cost money, but so does the liability associated with your tow truck being in an accident with another car or pedestrian!