GPS Tracking And Other Ways Towing is Embracing Technology

The towing industry and technology are not two phrases that you often hear together. But the industry is taking great advantage of the advancements in tech that are becoming mainstream over the past few years. Towing companies know that with increasing competition in major cities, delivering a better experience to clients is a must.

Smooth Customer Experience

When a towing company is getting business from other companies, individuals or governments, they know they have to do a good job. In major cities, there are plenty of other towing providers who stand ready to take over if you are not doing an adequate job. And that does not mean standing still – it means that your company has to move forward. Here is how some towing companies are doing that:

  1. GPS Tracking

The biggest technological improvement in towing over the past few years is full GPS tracking of the fleet. GPS tracking ensures that a towing company knows exactly where their trucks are located at a given moment.

If a tow truck driver is not responding, the attending supervisor can quickly check their location to see if they are on a job or if they have wandered off somewhere. It is also much easier to assign tow trucks to customers who call, as the precise location and distance to the customer is accessible within seconds.

  1. Mobile Payments

Ever done business with a plumber or electrician who was able to accept a credit card payment on the spot? It is very cool, as they just whip out their phone, a card reader and you are ready to go. They swipe your card, show you the bill on their phone and you can sign electronically.

Now tow truck companies are doing the same. When a customer is driven home or to a repair shop, they can pay on the spot. No need to send a bill or demand the customer come to a central location to make a payment. A quick overview of the bill is available electronically and any debit/credit card can be used to make the payment.

  1. Integrated Lift

While most of the tech being used by tow truck companies is digital, the integrated lift is a physical piece of tech that is every bit as useful.

Thanks to the integrated lift, it is quicker and easier for tow truck drivers to get cars, trucks and other vehicles loaded up and ready to go. It is a self-loading wrecker that employees a wheel-lift system to get vehicles onto the ramp.

Having interviewed many tow truck drivers over the past few weeks, all of them have the same sentiment. They are very pleased with the integrated lift and cannot believe how much easier their job has become thanks to this bit of technology!

  1. Employee Check-Ins

The days of tow truck employees needing to “clock in” with a paper card are long gone. Now they can sign in on their phone, which registers the start and end of their shift.

It is a seamless process that saves time, paperwork and ensures that companies know exactly when employees are starting and ending their shifts on a given day. Using online check-in is also helpful if an employee needs to take a break during their shift. They can log off for an hour, run an errand and then clock back in when they are ready to begin – without needing to physically clock in and out at some location.

The use of such technology is an impressive move by tow truck companies. Companies that employ such tech are showing how far ahead of the competition they are!