About Us

I still remember how difficult it was to find reliable information about the towing industry a few years ago. Sure, major news sites would cover the biggest stories. But when searching for regular news about industry projections, company mergers or new technology related to towing, I found it so challenging to get a reliable source of info.

It is when I decided that it was time to create my own magazine. I am passionate about towing and wanted to create a resource for others like me. I spoke to people in the industry and got in touch with a few writers, editors and other professionals with magazine experience. We formed the team that is now our towing magazine.

It has been a remarkable journey over the past few years. I never thought that we would achieve the success that we have managed. We have gone from being a tiny magazine that no one read to one of the top towing magazines in Canada. Major companies in the nation call us and ask if we will be able to supply them with a certain number of magazines each month for showrooms.

No matter how popular we become, we will never forget about our earliest and most supportive readers. Those early adopters are the ones who ensured the magazine would be a success. And we owe everything to them. It is why we are always talking with our readers through email, asking them for their opinion on new sections or angles of coverage.

We want to provide an all-access magazine that tells people the ins and outs of the towing industry. A new type of tech? We will be covering it. A merger that impacts the industry? You can bet we have the inside scoop.

And all the information we get is first hand. We never rewrite stories found elsewhere. When you read our magazine, you can bet every bit of information was sourced firsthand by our writers.